Bromleys is pleased to announce that we now offer a Property Letting Management Service. The scheme is run by our experienced Property and Accountancy Team.

The scheme allows us to;
• Deal with the advertising, vetting and interview process for new tenants.
• Carry out a detailed assessment of the property before the tenancy commences to evidence its condition
• Create tenancies and tenancy agreements
• Collect and manage the tenants deposit by placing it in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme that works best for you
• Collect rent on your behalf during the term of the tenancy, and account to you on a regular monthly basis
• Complete all formalities on termination of the tenancy, including the completion of all legal documentation and an inspection of the property
• Deal with the release of the tenants deposit following a satisfactory inspection of the property upon termination of the tenancy.

In addition to all of the above, you will be safe in the knowledge that in the unfortunate event of a dispute with your tenant, we can take the necessary legal action on your behalf for the recovery of rent arrears or, if necessary, apply for possession of the property by a court order.

Our basic rates of charge for the scheme are;
• One months rent to establish the tenancy
• 10% of rent collected
• £50.00 for a property investigation at the end of the tenancy
• £50.00 for the arrangement of each service check on the property.

Charges for obtaining a possession order are subject to negotiation at that time.

All fees are subject to VAT and will be deducted on a regular basis from monies held.

For more information please contact Paul Westwell or Jane Swann.

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