As more couples choose to live together without the formality of marriage, parties often consult us for expert advice on cohabitation agreements, as well as what happens when parties can no longer live together and they split up.

Bromleys can also assist when the relationship breaks down and couples decide to separate. Parties are often under the misapprehension that long periods of cohabitation constitute “common-law marriage” but legally speaking, there is no such thing as “common-law marriage”. The way property and assets are divided at the end of a relationship where parties are not married differs entirely to that of how assets are divided up as a result of a breakdown of a marriage. The Court have considered this recently in the case of  Kernott -v- Jones.

We can help with:

  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Transfer of the property
  • Obtaining your equity from the property

  • Our expert family team can guide you through the sometimes traumatic and complex process, both in relation to what happens to the children and how assets and finances are dealt with.

    For further information please contact Nicholas Clough, Denise Pinder or any member of the Family Team.

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