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After someone passes away, there is often a great deal of financial and legal work that needs to be done in order to successfully fulfil the wishes laid out by the deceased in his or her will. 

Although the responsibility for administering the estate usually lies with the executor of the will, the individual will first need to apply for the legal authority to do so. Our team of specialist solicitors understand the sensitivity of this process and will provide hands-on support throughout.

In the circumstance in which there is no will (intestate), we can – if required – assist with the finalisation of your affairs by carrying out the following duties;

  • Liaise with the undertaker
  • Obtain details of your estate
  • Apply, if necessary, for the appropriate grant of representation
  • Liaise with the appropriate tax authorities
  • Release all of the assets and distribute them in accordance with either the will or the rules of intestacy
  • Distribute your estate in accordance with your will

Our extensive experience in the field means you can trust that when you’re no longer here, your family and loved ones will have all the support they need.



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