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If you are looking for a Conveyancing Solicitor in Dobcross then we can assist. Our Residential Conveyancing Team offer legal advice to clients in Dobcross and throughout the area.

Whether you’re after straightforward legal advice for a property purchase or you’re looking for help with more complicated issues such as property litigation or tenancy rights, then we can help. Bromleys have a dedicated Conveyancing team providing advice to clients in and around Dobcross.

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To find out how we can assist and for a tailored quote, please call us on 0161 330 6821 or fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can email us on bromleys@bromleys.co.uk and we’ll call you back.


We offer support for buying, selling, transferring or re-mortgaging a property in Dobcross. We always provide a friendly, competitive and professional service which is tailored to you.

Bromleys are aware that instructing a lawyer can be expensive, and that clients need to be able to budget for that expense. We are always up-front about our costs and expenses, and can tailor our services to suit your requirements. Funding your work should never be a barrier to seeking expert legal advice on your property.

Dobcross is a village in Saddleworth—a civil parish of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, in Greater Manchester. Together with neighbouring Delph, Dobcross is, geographically, “considered as the centre of Saddleworth”, although is not its largest village centre by some margin.

The main bus route through the village of Dobcross is the 184, operated by First Greater Manchester. This runs twice an hour to Diggle and Huddersfield, and in the opposite direction to Oldham and Manchester. On the hourly service to and from Huddersfield, it avoids the village by taking a quicker route along Wool Road, lying just to the east of the village. The other services through Dobcross Square are the 353 and 354 which run from Denshaw and Carrcote to Ashton-under-Lyne. These each run every two hours Monday to Saturday, and are run by First.

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Please contact our Residential Conveyancing Team to discuss the arrangements that are appropriate for you. You can now obtain your Free Residential Conveyancing Quote for properties in Dobcross online.

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Our expert residential property solicitors provide a down to earth approach and are experienced in asking the right questions to help solve your legal matter, sell or complete on your property as soon as possible.

We understand that you’ll want to be kept up to date with how things are progressing as well as working towards any competition dates you may have. At Bromleys we are known for being caring, accessible, knowledgeable, effective and determined, building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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To find out more about our conveyancing services and for a bespoke quote, please call us on 0161 330 6821 or fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can email us on bromleys@bromleys.co.uk and we’ll call you back.



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