5 Reasons why you should instruct a family lawyer

Family life is not always as simple and straightforward as we would like it to be. Sometimes there can be disputes within the family that individuals feel they must turn to legal intervention for a fair resolution. These disputes can range from anything such as financial disputes to matters involving children and can be a stressful time for all individuals involved. We understand that each family dynamic is unique, and with the number of people representing themselves on the rise, instructing a lawyer in family law proceedings has never been a more pressing issue.

Choosing how to navigate a matter within the realms of family law can be a difficult and daunting task to go through. A family lawyer can act as an impartial advocate to help you understand your rights, help you make decisions and minimise the emotional stress and potential heartache. Whether it’s matters concerning a child (such as care arrangements), domestic abuse injunctions, divorce, or financial matters, Bromleys have a team of legal experts to provide you with the upmost support along the way. Speak to a member of our family team

Carla Williams is qualified lawyer, a Chartered Legal Executive and the Assistant Manager of the Private Family Law Team at here at Bromleys, specialising in Family Law, particularly complex and sensitive matters involving domestic abuse and/or children. Here, Carla shares 5 Reasons why you should instruct a family lawyer.

Why should I seek legal advice from a family lawyer?

  1. It can save you time and money

The process surrounding family law can easily get expensive very quickly, even more so when matters end up going to court. Instructing a family lawyer is beneficial as they are experienced enough to know how to save countless false starts and dead ends. Therefore, getting legal advice from an expert can actually save you money.

  1. Support & advice

A family lawyer can help you navigate what could potentially be a traumatic time, easing some of the stress for everyone involved. Having someone to provide a level headed approach alongside professional advice can help make the situation appear clearer and calmer.

  1. Representation

Representing yourself in court can often be a dauting endeavour, especially when the law can be complicated to understand! Instructing a skilled advocate to take the driving seat, make things work to your advantage and make things easier to understand can be as huge help.

  1. Unbiased perspective

When emotions are running high and things feel up in the air, it can be hard to decipher what to do. It’s easier to miss things and over complicate situations, potentially resulting in confusion or big losses. A family lawyer can help minimise these risks by presenting all of your options clearly and giving you an honest and realistic outcome for your situation.

  1. Clear communication

There are various reasons in which a family case could be difficult. For example, corresponding with an ex-partner or family member, in addition to courts and any third parties can be time consuming and emotionally draining. A legal representative can communicate with all of these parties on your behalf, as well as ensuring you are aware of and comply with deadlines and orders of the court. Get in touch today

Why choose Bromleys?

Our team of family solicitors will assess all angles of your case to determine what course of action will lead to the most positive outcome for all parties.

We can support you with a vast range of family law issues including arrangements for children, divorce and separation, domestic abuse, name changes and Social Services involvement with your family. We understanding that involving a solicitor in your personal family affairs may sometimes feel like a difficult thing to do, but our confidential, sensitive, and un-biased approach will allow you to feel fully supported, no matter your situation.

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