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Personal Disputes

Personal disputes range dramatically in their nature, however, the one thing they have in common is that they can leave any individual feeling unfairly treated.

As your solicitors, our team will ensure everything they do is in your sole interest. We’ll do this by giving you practical, easy-to-understand advice that’s aimed at resolving the dispute as quickly and easily as possible.

Where necessary, we’re able to act promptly, forcefully and effectively to leverage court procedures to your full advantage and resolve your issues. In the instance that matters can be fully resolved without the need to go to court, we will always take the opportunity to advise you on how this can be done, giving you the freedom to decide the next steps.

We can assist you with disputes in all matters, including;

  • Boundary, access and property disputes
  • Disputes with builders, tradesmen, and service providers
  • Injunctions to prevent any unlawful or wrongful activity
  • Defective goods, misleading descriptions, or poor service
  • Debt collection and disputes
  • Contract disputes

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To find out how we can assist and for a tailored quote, please call us on  0161 330 6821 or fill in our online form. Alternatively, you can email us on  bromleys@bromleys.co.uk and we’ll call you back.


We are located in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester but we can assist wherever you are based.


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