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Contested Wills & Inheritance Disputes

After the emotional period of losing a loved one, managing their finances may often feel like the last thing on your mind. At Bromleys, we understand that throughout this upsetting time, you need legal support and advice that you can trust.

In the instance that the deceased didn’t manage to create a will, or if you feel that they were in fact pressured or coerced into making one, it’s likely you may be able to bring a claim. Equally, if you’re the executor or administrator of an individuals’ will, you may have to resist a claim made by another person.

Regardless of the circumstances, our compassionate and empathetic yet determined approach will allow you to grieve for your loved one in peace whilst we work to ensure absolute financial stability for your future.

We can advise you on;

  • Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • Claims for implied, constructive or resulting trusts
  • Challenges to the will on the basis that the deceased lacked the necessary mental capacity to make a will
  • Challenges based on undue influence
  • Challenges to the exercise of the discretion of pension trustees

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