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Lasting Power of Attorney

With dementia and other debilitating illnesses on the rise, it’s now becoming extremely important to create what’s called a lasting power of attorney (LPA). This involves legally appointing an Attorney (aged 18+) who will – in the event that you can no longer make your own decisions be authorised to make decisions on your behalf.

There are two types of LPA available to individuals in England & Wales. Whether you chose one or both is completely up to you, however we will always give independent advice and guidance.

  1. Health & Welfare LPA: This allows an individual to appoint an Attorney who will make decisions for them in relation to their health and well-being. This includes decisions such as day-to-day care and living arrangements.
  2. Property & Financial LPA: In contrast, the property and financial LPA authorises a Deputy to make decisions for the Donor (the person making the LPA) on matters such as regular payments, bank accounts or property affairs.

In the event that you don’t feel you have anyone to appoint as your LPA, contact us to find out how to appoint Bromleys as your Attorney.

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