A Guide to No-Fault Divorce

Man and woman walking away - a guide to no fault divorce

Following the introduction of No-Fault Divorce on 6 April 2022, the following seven steps will help guide you through this new procedure for a divorce.

  1. The no-fault divorce process commences when we complete and submit a Divorce Application stating the sole ground for a divorce: “an irretrievable breakdown”.
  2. The online service sends a copy of the Application to your spouse with an Acknowledgement of Service form for them to complete and return.
  3. After a minimum of 20 weeks which is known as a “reflection period” we can then apply for a Conditional Order and your spouse will be notified.
  4. The court reviews the Application for a Divorce.
  5. The court grants a Conditional Order.
  6. After a 6 week waiting period, we can apply for the Final Divorce Order.
  7. The court will then grant the Final Divorce Order and you will be divorced.

At Bromleys, we consider that it is important to seek professional, friendly advice, on matters that arise following a breakdown of the marriage, such as financial and children issues. We strive to resolve matters on an amicable and conciliatory basis. Court proceedings is always a last resort. Please contact Keith Bull our Head of Family Law, who is an Accredited Family Law Specialist as an Advanced Member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel and a Member of the Resolution Specialist Panel, on 0161 330 6821 or by email at kbull@bromleys.co.uk.