Bromleys raises £1,200 for Hospice in Wills Week

Bromleys has raised £1,200 for Willow Wood Hospice by taking part in its 2016 Wills Week campaign.

The firm has passed on to the Ashton-under-Lyne hospice all of its fees for wills drawn up or amended by its lawyers from July 4-8.

The campaign aimed to encourage people who did not have a will to make one.

Susanne Furness and Kate Fletcher were the Bromleys fee earners who took part in the initiative.

Kate said: “As well as raising money for the charity, the campaign also acted as a reminder about the importance of making a will.

“We’re delighted to have taken part in this worthwhile campaign and to have raised such a significant sum for the hospice, which we hope will make a real difference.”

She added: “With family situations becoming more and more complicated, making a will is a chance to choose who you want to deal with your estate, and who you want to benefit.

“We don’t know when our time will be up, so it is best to be prepared and make the process easier for loved ones who will be left behind.

“If you pass away without leaving a will, your estate will pass under the rules of intestacy, which is a prescribed, legally-binding list of who will benefit from your estate, depending on your marital status and surviving relatives.

“Without a will, you can’t presume that your estate will pass to the people you wish to benefit.

“For example, if you are single without children, your estate under intestacy would pass to your parents or, if they have predeceased you, to any siblings.” 

It is estimated that over 60 per cent of British adults do not have a will.

John Fellowes, head of fundraising & PR at Willow Wood, said: “Unfortunately, we see only too often the distress caused when people have not made adequate preparations.

“We hope that, through our annual Wills Week, we are able to bring to everyone’s notice how important it is to not keep putting off making a will.

“We would not be able to do this without the unfailing support from the participating locally-based solicitors, and we are extremely grateful to Bromleys, not only for supporting our Wills Week but also for their wonderful donation to the hospice as a result.”