Guest Feature on Cyber Security by Fusion IT

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At Fusion IT we spent a huge amount of time and effort making sure our clients have the best security they possibly can, but in today’s ever changing IT climate, it can sometimes be hard to know the best path to go down!

Without worrying everyone too much, the threat from cyber-terrorism is huge and becoming more and more prevalent. Be it ransomware, email phishing, DDOS attacks, code injection or a plethora of other things, there are always people trying to harm your systems in some way.

But don’t worry! There are a few cardinal rules to stick to that should guide you through OK;

Keep up to date: Be it your antivirus, your Windows updates, Java, Flash even your operating system, it is vitally important that the things you use a day-to-day basis are on the latest version.

Use common sense: Don’t recognise the sender of that invoice email or think it looks a bit fishy?  Don’t risk it! Pick up the phone, call the person and verify it is definitely from them, or just delete it! – if it’s real and it’s important, they will get back to you anyway.

Get a good Antivirus: There are dozens of products out there, but cheapest doesn’t mean the best. It’s worth paying a little extra to get a product that updates regularly and is actively fighting against the cyber-terrorists.

Be a little paranoid: People may call you pretending to be from an IT company.  If you didn’t request some help with your computer or don’t have any problems that you know of, don’t do anything!

Take a backup: Even if it’s just copying your documents onto a USB hard drive – if you lost all your documents and precious photos because of a virus or a hard drive crash, how devastated would you feel?  Data recovery is possible, but it isn’t cheap!


At Fusion IT, we offer solutions for all your cyber security needs, from the simple antivirus upgrades, to full web proxies with built in virus scans and hardware firewalls that are regularly updated and penetration tested. If you’re unsure on your cyber security, feel free to contact our friendly team.

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