Business as usual in the face of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Bromleys Solicitors LLP

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the news.   The situation and advice continues to change regularly.

Our priorities are the health and wellbeing of our staff and their families; that of our clients; and that of our business contacts and colleagues.  We recognise that our clients still need access to legal advice and continue to remain mindful of our service pledge  “A great service, every time from everyone”.

We have continued to operate as business as usual, albeit initially following the lockdown in March, the majority of the firm started to work remotely from their homes, making full use of the firm’s IT infrastructure which enabled us to do this seamlessly.  Our in-house motto is “working together, to be the best” and this is has been especially applicable during this challenging time.

From the beginning of September everyone at the firm has returned to working in the office, where this is possible.  There are still some instances where remote working is required, but again as before, this has no detrimental impact on the quality of the service that we provide.

We have undertaken a risk assessment and have a Covid-19 secure workplace.  We are however still restricting any client and visitor meetings in our offices to those that are absolutely necessary.  Therefore, we will continue for the time being undertake any meetings via telephone call or video communication.  In accordance with government advice, we have put on hold any visits to nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

If a meeting is to take place in our offices, if you or any member of your household has Covid-19 or symptoms you must not visit us.  Likewise, that you do not visit us if you have within the last 14 days prior to your meeting, visited a country or territory that is not on the government exempt travel list.  Please contact us by telephone or email and we will make alternative arrangements with you.

Anyone now visiting our offices must in accordance with the law wear a face mask or covering.  We are aware that there are exemptions for some people.  If you do attend at our offices not wearing a face mask/covering we hope you will not be offended if we raise this issue with you.  If you are not exempt from wearing one, we will try and help you in any way we can, but we may have to cancel and re-arrange your appointment for when you can attend at our offices with a face mask/covering.

Further information can be found here on our in-office Meetings Policy.

You can continue to contact your legal expert or members of our management team by telephone, email or post.  They all have a direct dial number and details of these together with their email address can be found here:

Our offices remain open for deliveries.  We have installed a secure ‘client drop box’ in our ground floor lobby, where clients and visitors can deposit any items for us, rather than having to attend at our main reception area on the second floor.  If you do use the ‘client drop box’ we ask that you contact reception to confirm this, using the telephone handset situated at the side of the box, so that we can ensure that your legal expert promptly receives the item.

We have dedicated helplines for:

We are fully operational, remain open for business and we are here for you.

Please see our News section for articles on Covid-19 related issues and other issues which you may find of assistance.