Crack Down on Commercial Properties Converting to Betting or Pay-day Loan Shops

The new Town and Country Planning Order will come into force on the 15th April 2015 to limit the rapid rise in pay day lenders and betting shops on the high street. The Order supplements a1987 Order, stating that the use of commercial premises for either a betting office or as a pay-day loan shop no longer falls within class A2 – financial and professional services, but instead is listed as sui generis (meaning of its own class).

As the use of a property for these particular services no longer falls into a predetermined category, planning permission must be obtained before use of this property for that purpose can commence.

The new 2015 order makes provision for premises already listed under class A2 which are in the process of being converting into a betting office or pay day loan shop which will not require planning permission before conversion. These transitional provisions will cease in April 2018.

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