Divorce Fees set to Hike

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The government is, by stealth, hiking divorce fees from £410 to £550 with effect from Monday, March 21 2016. This was only announced today (March 17).

Nicholas Clough, head of family law at Bromleys Solicitors, said: “This is a wholly unjustifiable increase of 34%, given that there was a rise of 14% only 2 years ago from £360 to £410.

“In no way can this increase be justified. It is merely an unashamed exercise for the government to take money from a captive audience.

“It is still possible to get an exemption from the fees, but the qualifications for this are also being squeezed.

“A significant amount of documentation that will not be readily available to divorcing parties will be required merely to apply.

“Here at Bromleys Solicitors, we offer the most competitive rates and we have kept our costs of acting in divorce proceedings at the same level for over 3 years.”

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