DIY Wills

DIY WILLS – are they cheap and cheerful or a beneficiaries nightmare and a solicitors dream?

What can go wrong – it is simple isn’t it?  Where do we start?

There are many cases whereby the witnesses are in-laws and thus invalidating a daughter or son, incorrect wording as to signatures thus involving Affidavits to be prepared,  no Executor appointed leading to more complicated Oaths and further costs incurred.

What happens if a beneficiary dies?   Are there provisions that this share will go to their children or spouse?   This is especially important if they are step children or brothers and sisters.

In some instances incorrect wills can be invalid and your estate is dealt with under the laws of intestacy, which is completely contrary to intentions.   Such matters should not be left to chance and it is essential that whatever life throws at you that you ensure your estate is dealt with properly and that your chosen beneficiaries inherit.   A properly drawn up Will protects your estate and gives your beneficiaries peace of mind in what is a traumatic time in their lives.

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