Ex-wife could win cash pay-out 20 years after divorce

The Supreme Court ruling this week of Wyatt v Vince where a former wife has been allowed to bring a claim against her former husband in the hundreds of thousands region whom she divorced 20 years ago, highlights the importance of having legal coverage when you are getting divorced.
Had Mr Vince concluded matters by way of a Consent Order at the time of the divorce, at a relatively modest cost, he would have saved the hundreds of thousands of pounds he is now expecting to have to pay his former wife. It is extremely important for divorcing parties to deal with the finances – even if they do not have anything to divide up at the time of the divorce, when they are divorcing to avoid this kind of claim. Family Law expert, Nicholas Clough has specialist knowledge in this area , if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact him for an appointment:

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