Failure to Secure a Tenant’s Deposit

Being a Residential Landlord can be rewarding, however they need to be aware of the potential pitfalls and claims they can face should they fail to comply with the various requirements imposed upon them.

Failure to comply with some obligations such as, but not limited to, service of Gas Safety Certificate, EPC Certificates and How to Rent Guides can render a notice seeking possession of the Property invalid, which can be a costly exercise.

Some failures however, such as the failure to comply with the requirements in respect of Deposit protection could also mean that in addition to needing to return a deposit, a Residential Landlord is faced with a claim for compensation from their tenant or former tenant.

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a claim from your current or former tenant regarding an alleged failure to comply with the requirements of Deposit protection, or if you simply wish to ensure you have complied with your obligations, please contact one of our experts today on 0161 330 6821.