“New Year – New Start” leads to increase in Divorces

Family in a park discussing the future as a family

It is the time of year when the season of goodwill has well and truly evaporated, the decorations are back in the loft and Christmas cheer could not be farther away.

Hardly surprising, then, that thoughts turn to the future and the year ahead. Fuelled by enforced proximity to family and loved ones, the financial strain of Christmas and the odd indiscretion brought on by too much festive spirit, many take time out to examine their close relationships.

Often, the seeds of potential separation have already been sown, but parties choose to delay until after Christmas for the sake of their children.

It is a sad fact that January sees a peak in the number of people seeking such advice from solicitors. Typically, husbands and wives wish to “know where they stand” before committing to a decision to split the family. Such a life-changing option should be an informed and rational one, with the benefit of sound advice and guidance.

Our solicitors are trained to refer clients to those qualified to assist with reconciliation if there is a chance that, with help, the marriage might survive. In the event that matters have gone too far, there is the option of mediation to ensure as amicable a parting as possible.

Nicholas Clough, Partner and Head of the Family department, is a member of Resolution Mediators and a trained mediator. He is also one the few qualified Collaborative Lawyers in the east Manchester area. Nicholas is able to offer an alternative to the traditional court-based system for the settlement of disputes through mediation or collaborative law. These options avoid facing a lifelong partner across a courtroom, and our solicitors will do everything possible to steer clients away from such destructive confrontation.

If you feel that divorce is your only option, then our experts can guide you through this process, offering a sympathetic ear, sound practical advice and a full explanation of all your options.

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