2024/25 Vento Bands Annual Update

The Employment Tribunals of England and Wales and Scotland recently published their Seventh Addendum Presidential Guidance containing the updated Vento bands of compensation for injury to feelings and psychiatric injury in discrimination cases.

These awards are in addition to any specific losses which can be awarded as well as the basic award in dismissal cases.

The revised bands are as follows:

  • The lower band of £1,200 to £11,700 – awarded to less serious cases.
  • The middle band of £11,700 to £35,200 – awarded to cases which do not merit an award in the upper band.
  • The upper band of £35,200 to £58,700 – awarded to the most serious cases.
  • Note: exceptional cases are capable of being awarded £58,700 or more.

The updated bands will apply to any claim presented on or after 6 April 2024.

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