Vulnerable Children not in School

The BBC has recently reported that only a small number of vulnerable children in England are taking up the emergency school places kept open for them according to official figures.

At the most data shows only 5% of vulnerable children have been in school to date during the Covid-19 crisis. Department of Education data suggests this is just 29,000 out of 723,000 children that were known to children’s services in 2019.

The children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, also states that referrals to children’s services are down by 50%.

There are concerns that “at risk” children are at greater risk while we are in lockdown.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said his first priority is protecting the well-being of children and young people but particularly those vulnerable young people with social workers or special educational needs.

“Schools are open for them and we’re working to make sure those who should attend do so.”

Children’s minister, Vicky Ford, states that children who are not in school are being monitored by social workers and supported in other ways. Some schools are reported to be telephoning the families of vulnerable children who are pupils at their schools to check how they are. Some schools are also reported to be arranging food parcels for families with vulnerable children who are in need of the same.

If your children are classed as vulnerable children, are known to children’s services and you require any advice or assistance please contact us.

Call our dedicated Care Proceedings and Children’s Services helpline on 0161 694 4149 or email New Care Enquiries at for help and guidance.

If you require information on Food for Vulnerable Children please click here