0161 694 4155

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. Bromleys recognise that ‘every penny counts’.

We have therefore set up a dedicated helpline to take any instructions for any debts you need collecting.

How to prepare a Letter Before Action which is compliant with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Recovery;

  1. Issuing Proceedings for an outstanding debt;
  2. Individual Bankruptcy;
  3. Liquidation of  Limited; and
  4. Enforcement Action for an unsatisfied debt.
  • We will act immediately on your behalf for fixed prices (details available on request).
  • We have a network of experienced tracing agents and authorised debt collectors to act once Judgement has been obtained.
  • We call offer a full credit control service if you require the same. Put yourself at the front of the queue and get what’s rightfully yours!

Call 0161 694 4176 for help.