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This week marks Children’s Mental Health Week, championed by Place2Be and supported by their Patron, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

Children’s mental health is more important than ever at this time of global pandemic. Daily life for most is significantly impacted by the Coronavirus rules and is not easy for adults, particularly those who are parents and carers.  But the changes for children to the most ordinary of things such as nursery, school, seeing family and school friends can be very difficult to understand, very unsettling and hard to live with. It may mean sleepless nights, difficulty in expressing how they feel, sadness, worry, and feeling lonely.

It is important that adults are aware of children’s mental health now, and are able to support our young people, in order to reduce the impact of difficulties in adulthood. This may be made even more difficult when families are going through court processes, for example to make arrangements for children to see their non-resident parent or when children’s services are involved.

Parents and carers can find interesting and interactive free resources from Place2Be which we hope will be helpful.

Our teams of experienced family and childcare specialists are here to advise and represent you through this difficult time, including how the Coronavirus rules impact arrangements for children and where court proceedings are ongoing.

How we can help

To find out how we can assist, contact our experts on our dedicated care proceedings and children services helpline on 0161 694 4149 or email our team at for your free initial telephone discussion. If you prefer, you can fill in our online form or alternatively, you can email us on and we’ll call you back.

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