Injuries to Children

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For parents who find themselves accused of harming their child, the legal proceedings that follow can be incredibly daunting and complex.

We know that during the pandemic these type of cases have seen a considerable rise.  Parents of youngsters are feeling the effects of isolation, and doctors are being more vigilant in looking out for warning signs of potential abuse.

At Bromleys, we have dedicated and experienced solicitors in this particular area, and we can help you if you are alleged to have caused harm to your child or baby.

What is a ‘non-accidental injury’?

This is a term used by courts and medical professionals to cover any injury to a child that is neither caused by accident nor has a natural or organic cause.

It can be something as small as a pattern of bruising, or something far more serious such as a shake to a baby, or a bone fracture or break that is considered not to have been caused by a fall.

Your solicitor’s role is to ensure that the right evidence is obtained and put before the court, and that all the possible causes of injuries are considered.

You will find in these court proceedings that some rather complicated terms are used.  The most obvious example of this is that the person accused finds themselves being called a ‘perpetrator’ and other family members may find themselves being referred to as being in the ‘pool of perpetrators’.

The ‘pool of perpetrators’ is a confusing title.  This is a label given to the parent or family member who is not thought to have caused the injury but who still finds themselves in the same group as the person who is accused.  This includes anyone who may have come into contact with the child around the same time as the injury was caused.  This can include the other parent, grandparents or siblings, or even the babysitter or nursery carers.

All parents are automatically offered legal aid in non-accidental injury cases but the other people in the pool may find themselves joined to the proceedings as an ‘Intervener’.  It is crucial that anyone who is suspected of harming a child gets the right legal advice right away.

Whether you find yourself accused directly of harming a child, or you are in the pool of perpetrators, it is vital that you immediately see a solicitor with the proper expertise in this area.

How we can help

Bromleys has a dedicated care proceedings and children services team with links to the right medical and legal experts. Contact our team, on 0161 694 4149 or email for your free initial telephone discussion. If you prefer, you can fill in our online form or alternatively, you can email us on and we’ll call you back.

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