Perfect Day – from Martin Blaylock, associate solicitor in the corporate and commercial services team at Bromleys Solicitors

Martin Blaylock

Responses from Martin Blaylock, Associate Solicitor at Bromleys Solicitors as featured in The Manchester Law Society’s monthly publication – The Messenger – August 2020

Now that the world adapts to the ‘new normal’ and restrictions are lifted, my perfect day would be for my immediate family to meet up with our extended family, who are dotted all around the UK.

A large gathering to celebrate a special occasion such as the birth of my son who was born in June would be ideal.

As a new father, there has been plenty to adapt to, with new priorities, responsibilities, plus not to mention the sleepless nights.

That said, following on from the remote working during lockdown, a better work-life balance is far more achievable, and I’m sure many organisations will be implementing ways to allow for a more flexible way of working.

Seeing family members has been pretty nondescript of late but, although we’ve not set a date as yet, we are planning a Christening where we all get together, have a good old catch-up to swap memories and make new ones.

A beautiful venue, surrounded by your loved ones with fine food, entertainment and a drink (or three) would be my idea of the most perfect day.