Social Media and Divorce

Family in a park discussing the future as a family

A recent survey has shown that spouse’s activity on social media is resulting in the breakdown of marriages. As social media is becoming an increasingly larger part of day-to-day life, more and more couples are finding that it is causing a rift in their relationship. The study, which involved 2000 married people has revealed the following:

  • 1 in 7 of the married people interviewed would consider a divorce due to their spouse’s behaviour on Social Media
  • ¼ of those surveyed have at least one argument a week related to social media use
  • 17% argued daily about social media activity
  • 58% revealed that they knew their spouse’s passwords
  • 1 in 10 said they hid images and posts from their spouse
  • 160 of the 2000 respondents admitted to having secret social media accounts

In many cases, this ‘cyber life’ is being prioritised over real life and the relationship with a spouse. Both the amount of time a spouse is spending on social media and what the sites are being used for are causing problems.  The sites can be useful for keeping in touch with friends and family and increasingly for starting relationships.

A survey carried out in the USA in 2010 revealed that over 80% of Matrimonial Lawyers confirmed that they had noticed a significant increase in the number of divorce cases involving evidence obtained through social networks. Inappropriate messages and photographs exchanged between a spouse and another person are now being used to support divorce applications on the basis of both adultery and unreasonable behaviour.

The most interesting development concerning divorce and social media recently has been a judge in Brooklyn allowing a woman to serve her husband with divorce papers via Facebook. All other methods of contact had been exhausted .

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