Is Your Child Involved With Social Services?

This can be a very scary time – you may feel threatened and under a lot of pressure.  You are terrified that your children might be taken away from you, or that they may not be returned to you.  You probably feel powerless, and confused by all the demands that are being made on you.

If  your child is involved with Social Services, the Child Care team at Bromleys are here to help

  • We can usually get Legal Aid for you, particularly if you are a parent.
  • We can talk you through what it all means.
  • We can attend meetings with you and if Social Services (sometimes referred to as the Local Authority) make an application to Court, Bromleys can represent you and help you through that process too.
  • We can be available very quickly if there is an emergency application.
  • We can help you to do everything possible to make sure that your family stays together.

All the solicitors in our Care Team have a lot of experience in this kind of situation, and are all members of the Children Panel.  We are friendly, and good at listening.  We will give you proper, realistic advice about what you need to do, and what is likely to happen.

As soon as Social Services get involved, the clock is ticking – you need to contact us quickly so we can help you get it right, in time.  Don’t wait until it gets to Court – that is often too late.

For further advice and support, contact a member of our Childcare Team on: 0161 330 6821

If you need to contact us out of normal office hours, contact our out of hours service on: 07785 531221