Care Day 2021 – Celebrating the rights of Children and Young People who have experienced living in care.

Child Care Team

Friday 19th February 2021 is Care Day, the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience and an opportunity to celebrate the rights of children and young people who have experienced living in care.

Those who care for and support these children and young people are also asked to celebrate. It is also an opportunity to illustrate how care experienced people can feel different to others and why. So, this Care Day, everyone has the chance to get vocal, get social, or to get together in celebration of the care experienced community.

Become, the charity in England for children in care and young care leavers, joins with four other charities across the UK and Ireland (EPIC in Ireland, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, Voices from Care in Wales, and Who Cares? in Scotland) to form the 5 Nations 1 Voice Alliance, whose aim is a world where the childhoods of these children and young people allow them to thrive and achieve their dreams, so that they go onto have a future that is fulfilled, and they are proud of.

Become was established in 1992 with a vision for care-experienced people to have the same chances as everyone else to live happy, fulfilled lives. The charity has four aims:

  1. To help young people believe in themselves and to shape the future that they want.
  2. To develop the practice of people who support care-experienced young people so that they are able to offer their best care.
  3. To ensure that care-experienced young people are heard and their rights upheld. To hold people and organisations in the care system to account.
  4. To improve society’s understanding and empathy with care-experienced people.

This Care Day Become wants to know what care means to us, whether we have experience or care or not – what does it mean to care for someone and how can we ensure that every child in the care system feels truly cared for?

As part of the day young people from each of the five nations will take part in an online Q&A to discuss issues of their choosing with the Children’s Ombudsman/Commissioners of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland and there will also be the opportunity for care-experiences people aged 16-27 to get together via zoom to chat and game.

Become encourages everyone to show their support on social media using #CareDay21.

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