Minimum Wage Increase

Following the National Minimum Wage (Amendment Regulations) 2018, being laid before Parliament, the National Minimum Wage will increase with effect from 1 April 2018 as follows:-

  • Below 18 – £4.20 (previously £4.05)
  • 18 – 21 – £5.90 (previously £5.60)
  • 21 – 24 – £7.38 (previously £7.05) and
  • 25 and over – £7.83 (previously £7.50)

If you are an apprentice under 19, or you are in the first year of your apprenticeship, the National Minimum Wage will increase to £3.70  (previously £3.50), however, if you are over the age of 19 and not in the first year, that set out in (a) – (d) above will apply.

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